Cross Channel Marketing: A Primer for Search Agencies

As the number of marketing channels continues to grow—search, email, social, mobile, display, and more—search agencies are faced with increasingly difficult decisions. What’s the best way to integrate my clients’ campaigns across channels?  How can I best optimize campaigns?  And what role does automation play in this whole process?

Download a free copy of the eBook, “Cross Channel Marketing: A Primer for Search Agencies”. Brought to you by Acquisio, with insights and information from mCHI, BlueTrain Mobile, eSearchVision, Visual IQ, Chango, and iProspect, the eBook will tell you:

  • What cross channel marketing is—and how it’s different from multi-channel marketing

  • The challenges inherent in cross channel marketing

  • Why search-focused agencies are ahead of the curve when it comes to cross channel marketing

  • The specific strategies for achieving cross channel marketing success, including automated technologies

If you’re curious about the ins-and-outs of cross channel marketing, or if you’re looking for ideas on improving your current cross channel strategies, “Cross Channel Marketing: A Primer for Search Agencies” will help explain the opportunity and outline how to take advantage of it. 

It’s a can’t-miss eBook for marketers at search, digital and interactive agencies.

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What Search Marketers and Agencies Need to Know about Cross Channel Marketing

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