How to Increase Conversions and Lower CPA for Google Display Network

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For online marketing professionals, increasing Google Display Network conversions while suppressing CPA is a constant goal. Now, thanks to advanced software solutions, this has become easier than ever.

AdMetrica was designed specifically for GDN – using advanced algorithms to increase users' conversion rates while suppressing their cost-per-acquisition. Syncing directly with Google Adwords, AdMetrica's collection of algorithms makes 1.2 decisions every second of every day to ensure optimal placement and higher returns.

To learn more about AdMetrica's features and benefits, watch this pre-recorded webinar where Bryan Minor, Chief Scientist at Acquisio demonstrates:
  • What AdMetrica is and how it works
  • What it means for marketers and advertisers
  • How AdMetrica works with other Acquisio products
  • The types of ads that AdMetrica manages
  • Various case studies on publishers and e-commerce advertisers
In some cases, daily results have gone from dozens to thousands of conversions in just a few days. Perhaps more interesting is the worst case we've seen, which saw an e-commerce company's daily conversions more than triple conversions while their CPA dropped from $50 to $12.

If you're interested in learning how to achieve more GDN conversions and lower your cost-per-acquisition, this webinar is not to be missed. Request your Free pre-recorded webinar today!

NOTE: This technology is most appropriate for campaigns with a minimum potential of 100 conversions per day
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Bryan Minor, Chief Scientist, Acquisio
Dr. Bryan Minor is an expert in computational physics, parallel and grid computing, nuclear physics, radiation transport, and numerical methods. In his ten years of service in the Air Force and eleven years experience in the commercial sector, he has led both large and small teams of scientists, programmers, and testers in developing a wide range of software and custom algorithm applications. Since 2005. he has focused the bulk of his work on building solutions for the Internet Advertising industry.