Everyone is
talking about it.
we are doing it.

• Increase conversions 2X or more
• Suppress CPC or CPA up to 80%
• Manage budgets with pinpoint accuracy

How Do We Achieve This?

Near real-time management of bids and budgets. With updates every thirty minutes our algos are making decisions based on current auction conditions. You can rest easy knowing you are never over-bidding for clicks or paying too much for conversions.

Precise Budget Management at Scale. No more exhausting budgets early or overspending. We offer incredibly precise management of spend across all campaigns throughout the day while increasing performance.

Easy Setup, Fast Results!

Getting started with BBM is incredibly simple. Our algos use AdWords conversion tracking tags so there is no need to deploy additional tracking. We don't require historical data either. Our algos will start to provide results within days of being deployed.

You provide :

  • Groups of campaigns to be managed by our BBM algorithms
  • Associated Budgets
  • Target CPC or CPA
  • Your MCC info and permission to activate the algorithms

Customer success story - Strathcom Media

After starting with BBM optimization, in most cases the number of clicks doubled.

- Liza Villatoro, Director of Paid Search, Strathcom Media Inc.

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